Alma Mater Press carries out publishing activities in accordance with the provisions of the valid Rules on publishing activity of Alma Mater Press at Alma Mater Europaea Maribor. It publishes scientific and professional works, collections and teaching/study materials prepared by higher education teachers and students. It is Alma Mater’s Mission to exchange knowledge in science, art and education; we therefore publish books in the Open Access system, thus confirming a great step forward towards accessibility, knowledge sharing and new findings. In publishing scientific papers, the editorial board of Alma Mater Press follows the standard of preparation required to include works in the Web of Science index in cooperation with the Institute for Local Self-Government and Public Procurement Maribor.

The publishing house Alma Mater publishes around 10 books annually. In accordance with the policy of Alma Mater Europaea University and the objective of the proper dissemination of scientific works by faculty members of Alma Mater Europaea, any scientific work published under the Alma Mater Press will be proposed for inclusion in the Book of Citation Index.